Without generous donations from contributors like you, our multidisciplinary network of dedicated researchers wouldn't have the resources to conduct the innovative projects and studies that are impacting everyday lives and reshaping the rehabilitation landscape.

By partnering with CERSE, you can help launch start-ups that accelerate ideas to reach solutions, invest in talented, up-and-coming inventors and assist in connecting world-renowned researchers to make discoveries in the local community.

Check out the CERSE brochure to learn more about how your generosity and investment in the center can help to accelerate rehabilitation breakthroughs.

How You Can Give

You don’t need to be a researcher to contribute to CERSE’s breakthroughs. There are several ways you as a donor can give:

  • Leave a legacy by naming the Center for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering
  • Establish a named professorship for leaders of research consortia
  • Sponsor educational events or conferences to spark innovation and foster collaboration

It’s about more than writing a check. It’s about getting involved.

As a CERSE benefactor, you’ll be more than just a donor – you'll be an engaged partner, with ongoing access to the impact you and your generous donation are having.

Make a gift.

Opportunities to Give Infographic

Contact Us

To learn more about CERSE, request a printed brochure or discuss how you can support our work, please contact the team at:

(804) 828-4231

Remember: Your generosity can accelerate breakthroughs that change lives for the better.