The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is very proud of our vast network of alumni. Over the past 25 years, we have trained many physiatrists. We have had many leaders amongst our alumni including four department chairpersons, six program directors and a chief executive officer. Approximately 30 percent of our alumni work in academics at some point in their career. On average, 70 percent of our trainees matriculate into fellowship programs to help hone their skills in their desired field. Additionally, our alumni are a very well-rounded group, 55 percent provide outpatient care and 45 percent provide inpatient care. If you are interested, you can find VCU PM&R alumni all over the country and the world. Although, 35 percent remain in the mid-Atlantic region, 18 percent practice in the Northeast, 15 percent in the Southeast, 15 percent in the Midwest and 15 percent in the West/Southwest. Additionally, we have had three alumni who practiced internationally.

If you are an alumnus, please keep us informed about where you are and what you are doing so that we may share your success with your fellow alumni. Additionally, your support allows the department to further its clinical, educational and research missions.

Annual Alumni Lectureship

  • 2017 - William R. Westerkam, M.D., FAAPMR, RMSK - "Physiatry Phirst"
  • 2016 - Earl J. Craig, M.D. - "Indiana PM&R: A View from the Cornfields"
  • 2015 – Derek Michael Burnett, M.D. – “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Caribbean: Lessons Learned”
  • 2014 – David L. Ripley, M.D. – “Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat? Or How a Patient Question in Clinic Fueled an Academic Medicine Career”
  • 2013 – Suzanne L. Groah, M.D. – “Brace Yourselves, Health Reforms are Coming: Embrace Change or go off the Grid?”
  • 2012 – Zane T. Walsh Jr., M.D., FAAPM&R – “Lessons Learned From 20-plus Years in Private Practice PM&R”
  • 2011 – Michelle Miller, M.D. – “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: An Application to Medical Practice”
  • 2010 – Douglas Wayne, M.D. – “Stay engaged and Have a Career Long Connection to AAPM&R”
  • 2009 – Katherine Dec, M.D. – “Sports Medicine and PM&R: The Road to Beijing”
  • 2008 – Darryl Kaelin, M.D. – “Career Development: Avoiding Pitfalls on the Road to Success”
  • 2007 – Deborah Stewart, M.D. – “One PM&R’s Approach to Health and Fitness”
  • 2006 – Nathan Zasler, M.D. – “Assessing Organicity in Acquired Brain Injury”
  • 2005 – Ralph Buschbacher, M.D. – “EMG: Knowing when Abnormal really is abnormal”
  • 2004 – John Liquori, M.D. – “Secrets for a successful PM&R Practice”
  • 2003 – Richard Salcido, M.D. – “Advances in Wound Care, From Bench to Bedside”
  • 2002 – Henry H. Stonnington, M.D. – “Altered Awareness Syndrome”
  • 2001 – Albert M. Jones, M.D. – “Hospital Administration, Things we weren’t taught in Med School”
  • 2000 – Herbert W. Park, M.D. – “Workers Compensation update for Virginia”
  • 1999 – Herman J. Flax, M.D. – “The Future of PM&R”