Workgroup for Excellence in Diversity & Inclusive Practices (WEDIP)


Recent events on the local, state and national level beget a great urgency for actively promoting diversity and inclusivity (D&I) awareness and practices in our educational and work environment. Diversity and inclusivity are in current and prominent focus at VCU given the recent hiring of the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and the formation of the 90-member university task force. The overarching purpose of the PM&R Workgroup for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusive Practices (WEDIP) is to promote the mission and vision of VCU on a departmental level in alignment with the broader VCU strategy. The primary goals are to improve the quality of care to our patients, foster an inclusive and equitable workplace, promote awareness of diversity issues to the next generation of healthcare professionals, and sustain positive cultural change.

Explore the sections below for more information about WEDIP, in addition to diversity and inclusion resources and research funding: