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It is a great pleasure to learn of your interest in supporting the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s academic mission through your generous donation to our Foundation fund. We are extremely proud of what we have been and are accomplishing in the department, and our mission is made even more productive through the generosity of Foundation donors.

As you may be aware, the faculty of the department has established a special fund within the Foundation to match all donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis, thus your gift will have double the impact. While the department continues to prosper across the spectrum of our missions, in these challenging economic times the diversity of resources that the Foundation offers is especially necessary.


The PM&R at VCU offers the opportunity to support a wide range of endowments. Some of the academic missions these funds support include resident and fellow educational activities (conference and academy meeting attendance, textbooks) and trainee and junior faculty research (pilot studies, excellence awards).

Autism Center for Excellence

This fund was established by the New York Autism Center and VCU PM&R. It is devoted to helping enhance the mission of ACE, which is to help teachers, health care professionals and families provide services for children on the autism spectrum disorder.

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Betty Changnon Peart Rehabilitation Endowment for Parkinson’s and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Betty Changnon Peart was a world traveler, wife of a U.S. diplomat and mother of two. Her family watched sadly as Parkinson’s disease and its related complications took its toll on her artistic, musical, literary and social gifts. With her passing, her family has committed to support research, education, treatment and training related to Parkinson’s and other degenerative neurological disorders. They have partnered with the PM&R, and you can as well.

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Interventional Spine Care – Education and Research Endowment
  • Support research coordinators and data collectors who lead data acquisition and compilation efforts to accurately evaluate research findings.
  • Fund research fellowships and professorships that support investigators in the field of interventional spine care, e.g., funds to support visiting lecturers from outside institutions to present new research developments or treatment interventions.
  • Provide financial assistance toward the administrative costs inherent in developing the new Division of Interventional Spine Care, including preparing study reports, manuscripts and presentations as well as other operational costs.
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Jeff Ericksen Endowment for Musculoskeletal Education

Jeff Ericksen, M.D., graduated from Duke University (B.S.E) and the University of Virginia (M.E.) Departments of Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Thomas Jefferson University, serving as chief resident. After four years in private practice he joined PM&R at VCU in 1999. For 15 years, Ericksen was a quintessential academic physiatrist at VCU and Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center.

  • Sponsoring residents to participate in medical mission trips to enhance their skills and the lives of others for which such medical care is not available.
  • Purchasing innovative technologies, including a high-frequency ultrasound machine, progressive software and real-life models to further the curriculum of musculoskeletal education.
  • Securing space in state-of-the-art facilities and in the School of Medicine curriculum to train residents in proper physical exam techniques and peripheral and axial musculoskeletal interventional procedures.
  • Sponsoring residents to attend conferences offering the most cutting-edge therapies.
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Pediatric Rehabilitation – Education and Research Endowment

This fund supports pediatric rehabilitation research fellowships and professorships that will make a difference in improving the lives of children living with a range of disorders. It is also used to support travel for residents who attend summer camps where they get valuable experience in interacting outside of the hospital with children diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and other disorders. Additionally, it is used to fund summer training internships for medical, undergraduate and graduate students to work with these children.

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PM&R Educational Endowment

This fund is used to support travel and speaking fees of invited national and alumni speakers who will advance evidence-based education, or endow an annual lecture topic or series. It is also used to fuel research and dissemination by supporting research scholarships for students, or send students and residents to national meetings and research presentations. Additionally, it provides educational training resources for the purchase of teaching modules, CD ROMs, books and tapes, anatomic models or specialty journals.

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Spinal Cord Injury – Education and Research Endowment

It often happens in an instant, completely overturning the lives of an individual and everyone in their support system. Paralysis. Incontinence. Skin breakdown. Sexual dysfunction. Loss of independence. Inability to access buildings. Discrimination. Spinal cord injury. Suddenly, individuals and families must consider how to adjust their lives so as to maintain health and prevent secondary conditions. They need to adapt their home or car to be wheelchair accessible. They must become experts on the details of insurance policies and social services requirements so they can advocate for needed therapy and equipment. Amazingly, most people are able to adapt to these changes and take the necessary steps. For many patients in Virginia, this has been possible — at least in part — because of the care and education that they received at the Spinal Cord Injury Program in the PM&R.

This fund will be used to sponsor on-campus lectures, purchase equipment and assistive technology, provide training to rehabilitation professionals, develop programs to assist individuals with SCI, fund pilot research, fund support groups, support recreational programs and fund SCI symposiums.

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Traumatic Brain Injury – Education and Research Endowment

Every year, more than 20,000 Virginians are victims of traumatic brain injuries. Advances in medical science have helped to dramatically improve survival rates from catastrophic moments like automobile and sports accidents, falls and gunshot wounds. However, research has not yet solved the variety of problems that survivors face. Difficulties with memory, concentration, problem solving, and fatigue are common, as are depression and personality changes. Difficulty living independently and unemployment are also common.

This fund will extend existing rehabilitation services and develop new research programs to advance the scientific understanding and treatment of TBI.

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Work and Disability Policy Endowment

For many with a traumatic or chronic disability, return to a quality life is incomplete without a successful return to some type of productive work. However, low levels of employment have been pervasive among individuals with disabilities as well as those injured on the job. PM&R actively works to solve this major societal problem. From hands-on experience in helping people return to work, to advising corporate and government leaders, the department’s faculty has shaped our country’s work and disability policies.

This fund will support ongoing vocational rehabilitation training and development by funding online courses and workshops that provide education and training to area physicians, nurses, case managers and vocational service providers. Additionally, it will support demonstration pilots with business and industry to assist Virginians with disabilities who need workplace supports. Such funds will solicit long-term business involvement and assist supervisors and managers who need and want more information. Lastly, it will provide funding to train mentors who can assist college and high school students with disabilities who wish to enter the workforce.

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