Residency Research

The VCU Department of PM&R wishes to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of research among residents and every attempt will be made to facilitate this. Residents complete a research and/or quality improvement project during their residency with a departmental faculty adviser. Resident research updates are held semi-annually with a goal to have research projects presented at a national PM&R meeting.

Projects: RESIDENT RESEARCH UPDATE: VCU Dept PM&R (Spring, 2017)


Dan Contract
  • Assessment of Introductory Resident Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Curriculum (Hickman) AAPMR ‘16
  • The Physically Challenged Athlete (Dec) Netter’s Sports Medicine Book Chapter (in press)
  • Alpha-Stim, A Novel Treatment Option for Recalcitrant Phantom Limb Pain: Case Report (Caruso) AAPMR ‘16

Anne Eliason

•       Musculoskeletal Physical Exam Skills Assessment in Physiatry Residents (McKinley) AAPMR ‘16

  • Novel Approaches to Symptom Relief in Adiposis Dolorosa: Case (Murphy) (sub’d Jrl Pain & Sx Management, AAPMR)

Mike Kwasniewski

  • Evaluation of Amputee Education (McGowan, Graham)
  • Bilateral Tendon Transfer in C-6 Tetraplegia in order to maximize Bladder Self-Catheterization  (Caruso) AAPMR ‘16
  • Continuity Assessment Record & Evaluation (CARE) Training & Certification (Cifu)

Jack Smith

  • Improving Urine Drug Screening in Pain Management (Hamsa) AAPMR ‘16
  • Acute Cervical SCI During Pregnancy leading to multiple medical complications: Case Report (McKinley) AAPMR ‘16

Sean Stockhausen

  • Book Review – New Anatomy text (Goldberg) Published AJPMR ‘15
  • Improving Diagnosis of UTI to Reduce Inappropriate Antibiotic Use (Tower) AAPMR ‘16
  • Acute Regression in Cognition & Language in Pt with TBI after Discontinuation of Donepezil: Case Report (Tower) AAPMR ‘16

Godfrey Thuku

  • Improving Documentation of Sternal Precautions on an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (Carter) Subm’d AAPMR ‘16
  • Migration of Cervical Fixation Screw Causing both Esophageal & Tracheal Injuries: Case Report (McKinley) AAPMR ‘16
  • Decreasing Incidence of Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (McKinley)


Chris Arbonies

  • Implications of Power Mobility on Body Weight (Caruso, McDonald) Sub’d AAPMR ‘17

Chris Beal

  • Higher Vitamin D Influences Cholesterol & Insulin Sensitivity Independent of Body Composition in SCI (Gorgey) AAPMR ’16,
  • DVT prophylactic Guidelines & Order Set for Inpatient Rehabilitation (Pai)
  • Development of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia in Chronic Tetraplegia: Case (Tubbs) Sub’d AAPMR ’17, Sub’d Jrl SCM

Seth Haywood

  • Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain with Calmare Scrambler Therapy: Case Report (Murphy) Accp’d AAPMR ‘17

Jessica Hupe

  • Evaluation of Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA) in Pts with TBI (Carter, Klyce) Accp’d AAPMR ‘17
  • Sleep: An Underrated Player in Athletic Performance (Dec) newsletter article Pub’d Jan, 2017

Russ Lacey

  • Confounding TBI with Alcohol Withdrawal/Management & Early Recovery from injury (Carter, Klyce) Sub’d AAPMR ‘17

Rondy Lazaro

  • Effect of Arm-Swing / Crossover on Lower Extremity Biomechanics during Running (Dec)
  • Correlating Knee Angle of Drop-Jump & 1-Leg Step-down Tests w/ Kinematics of Running Gait (Wilder) Poster AAPMR ‘15
  • Gait Abnormality in a Tennis Player with Right Knee Pain (Dec) Poster AMSSM ‘16
  • Cognitive Symptoms Following Head Injury in a College Football Player (Dec) Poster AMSSM ‘17
  • Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosed in an Athlete with Gait Abnormality: A Case Report (Dec) Accp’d AAPMR ‘17

Olivier Rolin

  • Intensive Training to Improve mobility for Amputees Receiving new Prosthesis (Darter, Webster, Young) Accp’d AAPMR ‘17
  • Snapping Elbow Treated w/ Ultrasound-Guided Ulnar Nerve Hydro-Dissection: Case  (Hickman), AAPMR
  • Biomechanics of the spine (Carter) Book Chapter TBS “Atlas of P&O”



Randy Jenkins

  • Post-Traumatic Cerebral Infarction in Patients with TBI (Walker)

Adam Hills

  •  Posterior Cord Syndrome: Demographics & Rehabilitation Outcomes (McKinley) Acc’t AAPMR ‘17

Thomas Phan

  • Effect of Percutaneous Peripheral Nerve Stimulator on Post-Amputation Pain (Lester)
  • Regional Nerve Blocks for Refractory Thoracic Chest Wall Pain (Lester)

Joseph Seacrist

  • Relationship between Resident Experience and Medical Transfers to Higher Level of Care (Carter)



Mentors assist residents with projects that lead to meaningful clinical change. Dissemination of knowledge gleaned from research occurs at national meetings and within nationally recognized journals.

  • Wiaam Ahmed – Gender differences in pain treatment at a university-affiliated pain clinic (Mentor: Dr. Silver), poster AAPMR 2014
  • Chris Bednarek – FIM Certification for Residents (Mentor: Dr. Pai), poster AAPMR 2014
  • Revati Mummaneni – Gender Differences in Visceral Adiposity after Spinal Cord Injury (Mentor: Dr. Gorgey), poster AAPMR 2015
  • William Robbins – Palliative Management of heavily exudative chronic Pressure Ulcers in SCI: Case report (Mentor: Dr. Caruso), poster AAPMR 2014
  • Brad Stovall – Introductory Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course for PM&R Residents (Mentors: Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Graham), AAP 2014


VCU PM&R residents learn the art of manuscript writing and preparation during training. This last hurdle of research is a collaborative effort between resident and mentor. VCU PM&R has a history of publishing research in well-recognized journals and texts:


  • Pai A, Darko I, Robbins W. Moderate & Severe TBI in PM&R Patient-Centered Care. Demos Medical, 165-176, 2015
  • Goldberg G, Stockhausen S. Book Review: Atlas of Anatomy, General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System. AJPMR, e23, 2015


  • Carter W, Darko I, Chandan P, Pai A. Colitis After Polytrauma: Case Report, JRRD 51 (4), 665-60; 2014
  • Tucker J, Ericksen J, Goetz L. Should Clinical Studies Involving “Regenerative Injection Therapy” Strive to Incorporate a Triad of Outcome Measures Instead of Only Including Clinical Outcome Measures? Osteoarthritis & Cartilage, 22(6):715-7, 2014


  • McNamee S, Cifu D, Sanderlin J. Rehabilitation of Blast Related Polytrauma. IN: Acute Medical Rehabilitation. Editor: Henk Stem. 2013.
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