Thank you for your interest in the PM&R Residency Training Program at VCU in Richmond, Virginia.

The following will assist with answering your questions:

  • We offer six positions annually (there are 18 total in program)
  • We participate with the National Resident Matching Program
  • Applications for PGY-1/PGY-2 positions will be accepted via ERAS only
  • We do offer four preliminary year positions as part of the “combined” Internal Medicine Prelim-PM&R track residency; these are available at VCU and applicants must apply for Internal Medicine Prelim training separately
  • We review every candidate on the merit of their application
  • We accept USMLE and COMLEX Scores (no minimum score or attempts)
  • We start reviewing ERAS applications in September and interview invitations will be sent beginning in October. Application deadline is Nov. 30
  • Interviews are typically scheduled on Fridays (October through January)
  • ERAS applications must also include the following supporting documentation:
    • Three letters of recommendation, preferably one from PM&R
    • Current CV (clearly explaining any time gaps between training)
    • Dean’s letter
    • Medical school transcript
    • USMLE/COMPLEX transcript
    • Current ECFMG (as applicable)
    • J-1 Visa (as applicable)

Additional information for IMG applicants:

  • We accept IMG graduates and our institution sponsors J1 visas only
  • ECFMG certification is required before applying to the program
  • We require at least one year of clinical experience in a U.S. health care setting
  • Cut-off date following medical school graduation (direct patient care) is four years

Combined track

Candidates interested in the “combined” VCU Internal Medicine Preliminary – PM&R Track

  • Submit ERAS Applications to BOTH the VCU Internal Medicine Preliminary/PM&R track (program ID: 140512143) and the VCU PM&R Residency (program ID: 3405121069) (separately in ERAS). Note: You will not need to interview for both, as interviews with the PM&R program serve as your prelim medicine year interview.
  • To RANK preliminary medicine programs in the NRMP system, you would first rank the VCU PM&R “advanced” program (ID: 1743340A0), then on the “supplemental list” rank the VCU Med-Prelim-PM&R Track (program ID: 1743140P2). You can also list any other preliminary internship program you may be interested in on the supplemental list.

Please note you will apply to the general prelim program, but rank the prelim-PMR track. Take special care to review the program IDs.

Candidates NOT interested in the “combined” VCU Internal Medicine Prelim – PM&R Track (remember, there are two positions that are not combined)

  • Apply ONLY to the VCU PM&R residency program (ID: 3405121069) in ERAS.
  • To RANK in the NRMP system, first rank the VCU PM&R “advanced” program (ID: 1743340A0), then on the “supplemental list” add any preliminary internship program you are interested in, EXCEPT for the VCU Med-Prelim-PM&R Track.